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Producer Abhishek Archana Srivastava distributed blankets and money to the needful in Pryagraj

Kindness is above all religions and young Producer Mr. Abhishek Archana Srivastava firmly believes in this. As the new year 2020 is about to begin and all are busy in preparations for the 31st eve, there are few who think differently. As the weather is chilled cold outside in Northern parts now a days, Mr. Abhishek who is a social worker by passion and Producer by profession distributed blankets and money to more than 50 needy people whom he saw sitting side by the roads.
We came to know that he is doing such acts since long time. In a telephonic conversation Mr. Abhishek told ‘’It always give me immense satisfaction. These people don’t have proper home to stay. They live in huts and some even sleep side by the roads. I can feel their pain. So I did what I could have been done. To see human beings in my surroundings safe and sound gives me internal peace. I am doing it for past so many years and will keep on doing for the entire life. My mother Mrs. Archana Srivastava whose name I put in between my name and follow the most, truly believes that humanity is the outmost virtue and so do I do.’’
Really impressive Mr. Abhishek Archana Srivastava. We pray that you get all the blessings and power to serve the humanity like this forever.

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